Wine Tours

Northern Ohio is home to many surprises, not the least of which is its remarkable wine country. A special balance of climate, elevation and sunlight give the Firelands region just the right conditions to grow and process grape varietals perfect for winemaking – and through a wine tour from Sawmill Creek Resort, you can experience some of the best this community has to offer.

By special reservation, up to 12 guests per tour can visit Paper Moon and Quarry Hill wineries for an afternoon of fine food and delicious wines, guided by a tour guide with extensive and intimate knowledge of the region’s history and culture. For four hours, find yourself lost in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by fine food, exquisite wines, and excellent conversation.

Wine Country Tours are only offered Saturdays by appointment and usually depart at 12:30pm. The cost is $49 per person (including taxes and gratuities) and includes costs for wine, transportation, and appetizers at each location. For group rates and overnight packages, please contact our Reservations department.

Call now at 419-433-3800 and discover great wines from your own backyard.

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